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Part time jobs in Bangalore

Part time jobs | LIC Agent | LIC Career

Bengaluru is known as the city of opportunity. Young professionals from all over the country come to the city to pursue their careers, making it a melting pot of diversity and dreams. Despite being one of the big metros, this city has a relatively relaxed vibe compared to other cities like Mumbai or Delhi. One of the reasons being, the pleasant weather throughout the year.

To maintain the standard of living that comes with the territory of living in a big city, many people get part-time jobs. It’s an added income that is contributing to the household, which gives people the liberty to follow their personal aspirations worry-free. The advantage of part-time jobs in Bangalore is that they are fairly simple to grasp and do not require highly skilled labor. Moreover, the flexibility that comes with a part-time job is second to none. In Bengaluru, the most popular part-time jobs are related to data-entry. Although they require minimum effort, they can get very monotonous after a point.

Having a part-time job in Bangalore, like any other work experience should be mentally satisfying and meaningful to some degree. Moreover, although it is not a full-time gig, ideally, it should be financially rewarding too. As an LIC agent, you can decide the terms of your work. Whether it’s part-time, full-time, or any time, it will be according to your convenience, and it’s totally your call.

Having a job as a part-time LIC agent is not like other part-time jobs out there. You’ll be adding value to people’s lives, as well as your own. It’s a profession that is highly respected and therefore, most LIC agents have high levels of job satisfaction. Agents are expected to meet new people, travel and build their network. This is unlike other part-time desk jobs, which become mundane because of the repetitive work. Moreover, working as an LIC Agent is a well-paying job, whose benefits you can reap almost instantly. Since you are your own boss, the rewards you get all depend on how much hard work you are willing to put in. Being associated with LIC, India’s largest and most prestigious insurance company, while working part-time, is a win-win situation.

Want to work part-time, but on your own terms? Then a career as an LIC agent is what you should be aiming to do. Unlike other part-time opportunities, it is both a personally and professionally fulfilling career. Furthermore, as an LIC agent, you get various other benefits, such as retirement benefits, hereditary commission, renewal commission, and membership access to different clubs, among other things.

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